We’re in the News! Portsmouth Herald article 1/9/2014

Still singing

Erica Courtney, Portsmouth, has appeared in numerous musical productions throughout the Seacoast since graduating from the University of New Hampshire. Still she’s missed the special experience of the New Hampshire Notables, an all-female a cappella group from UNH.

“I just got to a point where I just missed singing in a group. It was different (than musical theater performances),” she says. “I liked the dynamics of all women. It was a great family/connection in college.”

She tried other Seacoast choral programs, “and there’s a lot of good groups,” but none was just the right fit.

Courtney started playing with the idea of forming a group, “though not thinking I could actually do it,” she says, laughing. After batting the idea around with a few former members, she decided to try. The results: The Afternotes.”

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